TCSO: 11 Students Arrested After Fight at TCHS



On Friday May 17th, at the Taylor County High School, in the media center, during lunch, there was an altercation involving multiple students. While this case is still under investigation, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office places a priority on following the facts where they may lead, to continue to ensure the safety of the student body.

To continue in protecting the integrity of the investigation as it unfolds, and the rights of the students that may or may not have been involved, to include alleged suspects and/or potential witnesses, the facts that may be released at this time are as follows:

A prior incident off campus led to several confrontations during the morning of the altercation. At lunch, several students went to the media center to confront another group of students, which led to a physical altercation of multiple students. Following an initial investigation, 11 students were arrested and charged with Affray, F.S. 870.01 a first degree misdemeanor.

As stated, this investigation is still ongoing, and depending on the outcome of the facts, more arrests may be made.

“Sheriff Wayne Padgett credits his SRO’s for acting swiftly and proficiently in protecting the safety of the entire student body. He would also like to encourage parents to continue to foster positive behavior and good will towards others. As he has consistently stated in the past, his number one priority is to ensure the safety and the well-being of the student body and the staff in the schools,” stated Captain Jimmy Cash, the public information officer for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office.