AG Moody’s Actions Lead to $7 Million in Recoveries for Travelers Left Empty-Handed by BookIt


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody is taking legal action to ensure that consumers recover more than $7 million from the Florida-based online travel company BookIt Operating, LLC. According to an investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office, BookIt acted as an online third-party intermediary for airlines, car rentals and hotels. The company allegedly failed to disclose to consumers that it did not have funds for current bookings in the absence of new incoming bookings, and thousands of consumers in Florida and nationwide were left with no trip and initially no money back.

Attorney General Moody’s office filed a lawsuit and a proposed consent judgment that requires payment of more than $445,000 to return travel deposits to certain consumers related to the Florida Attorney General’s investigation. Additionally, the company reports more than $6.7 million in relief provided after Attorney General Moody launched the investigation, bringing the total to more than $7 million for Floridians and other consumers who filed complaints.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Throughout the pandemic, we worked closely with Floridians to ensure they were not being taken advantage of, and through that process we heard from consumers nationwide about thwarted travel plans and other issues they were experiencing with BookIt. I am pleased that our involvement in this matter has resulted in millions of dollars in relief for those affected.”

BookIt offered discounted, often non-refundable, travel packages ranging in price from less than $100 to more than $10,000. The company cooperated with the investigation and claims that the cancellation of all travel and failure to fully refund consumers was due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the proposed consent judgment, which is subject to court approval, an additional $448,000 must be paid by the defendant within 14 days of the entry of the judgment. The proposed judgment also bans the defendant from engaging in unfair and deceptive conduct related to selling travel.

To view the full complaint, click here.

To view the joint stipulation for entry of consent final judgment, click here.

To view the consent final judgment, click here.

The defendant, BookIt Operating, LLC, is located in Panama City Beach and has agreed to the entry of this proposed consent judgment, which includes significant injunctive relief aimed at preventing future harm to consumers.