“In response to significant contraband recoveries,” Visitation Cancelled at Five Institutions


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has announced cancellation of weekend visitation at five institutions:

  • Baker Work Camp (Sanderson)
  • Blackwater Correctional Facility (Milton)
  • Columbia Correctional Institution (Lake City)
  • Century Work Camp (Century)
  • Everglades Correctional Institution, Main Unit (Miami)

In response to significant contraband recoveries at the above listed institutions, and an incident involving a group of inmates at Columbia C.I., that resulted in staff injury, FDC will cancel weekend visitation to ensure the continued safe operation of facilities statewide.

Michelle Glady, FDC Communications Director: “The secure operation of our correctional institutions is our chief priority. We have zero tolerance for inmate misconduct or the introduction of contraband into our secure facilities. We are taking proactive measures to ensure these institutions can continue normal operations and that the safety of staff and inmates can be upheld. We look forward to resuming normal visitation as quickly as possible.”