Taylor County Sheriff Addresses School Threat Rumors


In light of the tragic event at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, school security has increased in Taylor County. School resource and patrol deputies, along with the Perry Police Department, have been working together to ensure the safety of our children on all campuses.

Today, the Superintendent of Schools addressed a rumor concerning the high school and asked that we share with you.

“Good afternoon,
I would like to address the rumor that is circulating at the high school. There has been no threat or shooting of any kind. Earlier in the week, we reached out to Wayne Padgett because two of our resource officers at the high school were going to be out. We asked Taylor County Sheriff’s office to have available resources if needed. There was an inaccurate post on social media stating that there had been a shooting at TCHS. I have instructed my entire administration and leadership team to be transparent with parents. If there is ever a safety concern, parents will be notified immediately. Unfortunately, people in our county and surrounding counties are posting misinformation on social media. Any rumors or threats made on social media or in our schools will be addressed immediately and the most severe consequences will be enforced. We need your help. Please talk with your students about repeating rumors. Again, we will be transparent with parents. I along with almost every other administrator in this district have children or family members attending our schools. Safety is our number one priority. You may continue to periodically see extra officers on our campuses throughout the year. This is to be proactive not because of any threats.”

Danny Glover Jr.
Taylor County School District
Superintendent of Schools
850-838-2500 ex. 109