MCSO Lays to Rest Another Rumor Regarding A School Threat / Arrest


In response to the latest social media rumor that a Madison County student was arrested yesterday for making a threat, MCSO confirms that this is false information.

There have been several incidents where students have been overheard talking about the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida. This should be expected. The entire State and most of the Country is talking about it. When others overhear these type of conversations, statements or comments they get reported just as they should. MCSO responds and investigates thoroughly.

Part of the investigation process is conduct numerous interviews and may include detaining, handcuffing and or searches. This is not done because we assume anyone is guilty of such threat but to ensure the safety of those involved and those in the immediate area. MCSO considers the safety of all students, staff, citizens and schools our top priority. Again no Madison County student or anyone else for that matter has been arrested for making threats of any kind.

There has been no reported threat found to be credible directed to any Madison County School. Thank you for your understanding and attention to this matter.

Major David Harper