Maj. David Harper (MCSO) Warns of Active Phone Scam



Several citizens have reported receiving a call from various numbers regarding “illegal activity” associated with their social security number. Some have reported a male with an accent and others reported an automated voicemail.

In both instances, the message is the same warning of action in state court and arrest if the intended victim does not make a return call to a number provided. This is an attempt to scare the recipient to call back where the scammer will attempt to solicit personal information such as verification of their social security number.

Much like the IRS, the Social Security Administration will never call anyone and threaten arrest. Legitimate communications from these agencies will arrive via the United States Postal Service.

Like most scams this one is not new and is frequently recirculated. The wording may be slightly different but they always threaten arrest. The attached photo is a screen shot of an actual transcribed voice mail. As a constant reminder, never provide or verify personal information over the phone or by social media messaging unless you are absolute certain of who you are talking with, such as your doctor whom you have talked with prior.

Other recent scam reports this week include Powerball lottery winnings via Facebook messenger (fake and hacked accounts), TCEC delinquent power bill accounts, and receiving an “over payment” check for items posted for sale.

Scam attempts occur year round but always intensify in frequency and type this time of year to coincide with income tax refunds.

Remember if you are instructed to go get some type of prepaid card such as Apple iTunes or Google Play and load them with funds for payment it is a scam! You are encouraged to hang up immediately and block the number. Stay vigilant and protect your personal information and assets.

As always if you are unsure or have questions and concerns contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office or your local law enforcement agency.

Major David Harper

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