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Computer Repair Service Specializing in Viruses, Spyware and Other Types of Malware

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Madison, FL, ,Computer Repair Service Specializing in Virus and Malware Removal and repair.

Madison, Florida, Computer Repair Service

Specializing in Repairing Problems Caused By Viruses, Spyware and Other Forms of Malware

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If you suspect that your computer has been infected by a virus, or some other form of malware, the first thing that you should do is turn off your computer.  This will prevent the malware from spreading to other files and parts of your hard drive.

The second thing that you should do is send a text message to this Madison, Florida, Computer Repair Service at 673-6183 for a free phone consult and price quote for repair.

Symptoms of a malware infection can include:

  1.  Your computer crashes, restarts, and crashes again.
  2.  You begin to notice pop-up windows containing intimidating warnings.
  3.   All of the sudden, your computer begins to display unusual error messages.
  4.   Your computer performs in a slow, sluggish manner.
  5.   Your computer unexpectedly runs out of, (or runs low of), hard drive space.
  6.   Your computer’s anti-virus, or security software, is disabled without reason.
  7.   Your browser displays a new homepage or new toolbar items.
  8.   Undesired websites begin to load without user input.
  9.   Fiends and family members tell you that they are receiving strange messages from         you.
  10.   New, unfamiliar icons begin to appear on your desktop and your battery begins to drain   quickly.
  11.   You are unable to access the Control Panel, Task Manager, Registry Editor or Command   Prompt.

These are currently the most common symptoms of a malware attack.  Basically, if your computer suddenly begins to perform poorly, or erratically, it may be the victim of a malware attack.

This local (Madison Florida) computer repair service specializes in making these types of problems go away.  This computer repair service is prompt, efficient and affordable.  Text message me today (673-6183) for a quick free phone consultation and price quote for repair.