Madison, FL – Why is your computer slow? Malvertising could be the culprit.


The types of malware dropped through malvertising campaigns can vary substantially. Some drop spyware, some keyloggers, others ransomware, etc.

Malvertising often infects through drive-by downloads. This method of infection doesn’t require any deliberate action from the victim, making it particularly dangerous. The victim doesn’t have to click, download, or install anything. As soon as the victim lands on a web page serving a malicious or compromised ad, the victim will be automatically redirected to a malicious server.

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That server can then download an exploit kit that will, in turn scan for vulnerabilities and subsequently drop the payload. All this happens in the background, without any hint to the user of it taking place. The level of obscurity achieved by drive-by downloads makes malvertising a very compelling means of attack.

In addition, some cyber crooks manage to hijack ad networks, enabling them to display their malvertising on multiple legitimate, high-traffic websites. In this way, even those individuals who take care to avoid sketchy websites can still be victimized.

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