Madison Creative Arts Academy Student Arrested for Possessing Handdgun on School Grounds

Madison County Sheriff David Harper reports that on Tuesday March 30, 2021 School Resource Deputy Sergeant Joseph Knight was contacted by administrative staff from the Madison County School District and Madison Creative Arts Academy regarding information that a student may have brought a handgun on campus the previous day.
Sergeant Knight responded to the campus and immediately began an investigation in conjunction with school staff. Sergeant Knight interviewed multiple students who reported witnessing an eighth grader in possession of a handgun on the campus on Monday March 29th. Sergeant Knight then interviewed the student whom the accusation was made against.
The 14-year-old male stated that he had found the handgun in a ditch and put the handgun in his bookbag, ultimately forgetting that he had put it there, until he got to school and opened his bag. The student admitted to showing the handgun to other students throughout the day and told Sergeant Knight that the handgun was currently at his residence. Deputies responded to the residence and was able to recover a small Kel-Tec .380 handgun.
Sergeant Knight along with several other deputies conducted a search on campus to ensure no other weapons of any kind were present with none being found. The States Attorney’s Office along with the Department of Juvenile Justice was contacted with the findings of this investigation resulting in the student being arrested and held for detention.
There was no indication throughout the investigation that the student intended to commit violence or inflict harm, however, in accordance with Florida State Statutes there is zero tolerance concerning firearms on school campuses.
Lucas Lee Plain
Lee, FL 32059
Charge: Possession of a Firearm on School Campus