Madison County Jail Booking Report [4-2-2018]



Moore, Trenard S. |615 N. Barber Will Road, Lamont, FL

Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence

McKnight, William | 264 NW Marion Dr., Madison, FL


Rusinko, Lacey D | 236 SW Gunnals Trail, Madison, FL

Battery / DV


Kinsey, Chad M. |236 Gunnals Trail, Madison, FL

Battery/ DV

Boynton, Joshua J | 323 SE Vera Ave, Madison, FL

FTA/ Criminal Use of Personal ID

FTA Criminal Use of Personal ID / Petit Theft

Emanual, Edrick L | 252 SW Lemonyne Ave, Madison, FL


Parks, Joseph | 10685bTroupe Hill Road, Valdosta, GA

Uttering Forged Check

Grand Theft, 3rd Degree

Powell, Sabrina L. | 125 Meadow Run Dr., Madison, FL


Grand Theft, 3rd Degree


Edwards, Javon C | 3275 SW SR 14, Madison, FL

Criminal Registration

Christopher, Nicolas L. | 462 NE Calabazilla Trail, Lee, FL

Criminal Registration

McQuay, Leon L | 131 NW Alpaca Ln., Madison, FL

Poss of Cannabis (More than 20 Grams)

Out of County Warrant (Suwannee County) FTA


Christopher, Nicolas L. | 462 NE Calabazilla Trail, Lee, FL

VOP O/C Grand Theft III


Davis, Antwoine B. | 324 Bumgardner Drive, Madison, FL

Criminal Registration

Mackey, Deion E. | 205 SE Cherry Lane, Lee, FL

Criminal Registration

Phillips, Charles A | 164 SW Scruggs Ave, Madison, FL

Criminal Registration


Scott, Harold L. | 5920 E. US 90, Madison, FL

Impersonate Law Enforcement Officer

Adam, Robert N. | 155 SW Old Saint Augustine Road, Madison, FL

Impersonate Law Enforcement Officer

Silver, Tiffany B | 5920 East US 90, Lee, FL

Impersonate Law Enforcement Officer

Peoples, James N | 1336 SE Hardy Drive, Lee, FL


Brown, Jamal | 6623 Paramore Ave., Madison, FL

Aggravated Battery / DV

Sexual Battery (Rape) Female Victim DV

Wesley, Elving | 735 SE Byrd Avenue, Madison, FL

FLEE / Attempt to Elude a Ploice Officer


Arnold, Magell D | 118 SW Red Loop Street, Greenville, FL

Grand Theft 2nd Degree – Motor Vehicle

Criminal Mischief/Damage

Davis, Dakota S | 649 W. Base Street, Apt 20A, Madison, FL

Criminal Registration