Jerome Davis, Jr, Arrested for Being a Menace


News Release (July 23, 2019)

Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Saturday July 20, 2019 at 12:01 a.m., Corporal Rain Tavares was traveling South on Colin Kelly Highway when he observed a blue Ford Ranger truck with an obscured tag. Corporal Tavares conducted a traffic stop on the Ford Ranger near the intersection of CR 150 to address the traffic infraction with the driver (later identified as Jerome Davis Jr of Madison).

Corporal Tavares observed Davis reach across to the passenger side of the truck and grab an unknown object. Davis then appeared to spray some type of aerosol into the cab of the truck. Corporal Tavares contacted Davis at the driver side window and noticed Davis shaking uncontrollably and appeared to be clenching his teeth as Corporal Tavares requested his driver license.

Based on Davis’s behavior, Corporal Tavares instructed Davis to exit the truck. Davis refused to comply and began to put the driver side window up while locking the door. Corporal Tavares grabbed the window and attempted to unlock the door. The window shattered, and Davis grabbed Corporal Tavares’s arm while putting the truck in gear.

Davis rapidly accelerated while refusing to release his grip on Corporal Tavares and began to drag Corporal Tavares. Corporal Tavares was able to strike Davis in the face with his free hand causing Davis to release him as Davis sped off at a high rate of speed.

Corporal Tavares received minor cuts on both his arms but was able to return to his patrol vehicle and initiate pursuit. Deputy John Rice was in the immediate area and joined the pursuit. Davis maintained a speed of 70 miles per hour while refusing to stop.

The pursuit continued South toward the city limits of Madison and Corporal Tavares requested officers of the Madison Police Department to assist by deploying tire deflation devices. As the pursuit reached the city limits MPD Officers were able to successfully utilize the tire deflation device deflating three of the tires on Davis’s truck.

Davis still refused to stop as he continued toward a residential area. Deputy John Rice utilized his patrol vehicle to make contact with Davis’s truck bringing the pursuit to an end. Davis was not injured and was arrested without further incident.


Jerome Davis Jr
Madison, FL 32340

1. Aggravated Battery on Law Enforcement Officer
2. Resisting with Violence
3. Fleeing and Eluding