Hurricane Michael Preparations and Post-Storm Deployment of Resources


Hurricane Michael Preparations and Post-Storm Deployment of Resources

TALLAHASSEE, FL. – The Florida Department of Corrections took numerous proactive steps to ensure public safety and make sure the individuals entrusted to our custody were secure as Florida prepared to respond to Hurricane Michael.

Since landfall, all inmates have been accounted for. No inmates or staff were injured during the storm. Much like the rest of the panhandle, our institutions did sustain damage due to the Hurricane. All inmates are safe, secure and have never been without food or water.

Land phone lines are down at many panhandle facilities. However, FDC’s emergency operations center is in contact with every institution.

Food and water supply:
Food supplies at institutions were checked and prepared for interrupted service prior to landfall. Bagged meals are provided when regular food service through the institutional kitchens are interrupted (power outages, weather prevents inmates from leaving the dorms, etc.).

  • Prior to Hurricane Michael making landfall 47,500 bottles of water were staged at Suwannee C.I. in preparation for distribution following the storm.
  • Food supplies at every institution has been evaluated daily and is being restocked as needed.
  • If normal drinking water supplies are affected, bottled water is being provided as needed.

Fuel and power:
Fuel supply at institutions is checked prior to a storm in anticipation of generator use. All facilities have a generator in the event commercial power is lost.

  • Additional generators and light poles have been delivered to impacted facilities.
  • Fuel supply at every institution has been evaluated daily.
  • Fuel is being delivered to institutions with a post-hurricane need.
  • All institutions have commercial or generator power.

Regardless of office closures, all institutional officers and staff work throughout the duration of the storm.

  • Staff from non-impacted regions have been deployed to provide additional support after the hurricane.
  • Maintenance teams from other regions were staged to deploy after the storm. Those teams have arrived at all impacted institutions and are providing facility by facility assessments.

Evacuation determinations are made in the best interest of the inmates and public safety. Several panhandle satellite facilities, community work release centers and work camps were evacuated in an abundance of caution. Inmates were relocated to larger main units (parent facilities).

  • Approximately, 850 inmates were evacuated from low lying areas and satellite institutions.
  • In the event an institution needs to be evacuated after the storm, or individual inmates need to be moved, the Department WILL NOT announce movement until it is complete.
  • Inmate locations are updated on the website every 24-hours.

All inmates in the panhandle region are safe and secure.

As additional information becomes available it will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and at