FDLE: DeSantis’ Bolder, Brighter, Better Future Budget Will Help Keep Communities Safe


November 18, 2019

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen responded to Governor Ron DeSantis’ FY 20-21 budget recommendations.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Rick Swearingen said, “Governor DeSantis’ Bolder, Brighter, Better Future budget recommendations underscore his dedication to keeping our communities safe.  His commitment to intelligence-led policing and behavioral threat assessment management will help ensure the safety of Florida citizens and visitors for years to come and his support of genetic genealogy will allow the latest investigative techniques to solve some of the most violent and heinous unsolved cases in Florida.”

The Bolder, Brighter, Better Future budget includes:

$8.3 million and 20 positions to implement a Statewide Behavioral Threat Assessment strategy, replace FDLE’s record management system, and create a data analytics system to better prevent and respond to modern threats.

$14.5 million and two positions to enhance FDLE’s crime databases and continue transitioning to incident-based crime reporting.

$3.8 million to better staff FDLE’s crime laboratories and purchase crime lab equipment.
$792,059 and six crime intelligence analysts to establish a Genetic Genealogy Program, which will help solve cold cases.