FDC Responds to COVID-19 at Hamilton Correctional Institution


Additional measures taken to protect inmate population and staff

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On May 13, Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) announced new positive COVID-19 test results within the inmate population at Hamilton Correctional Institution. The total number of positive test results for COVID-19 at Hamilton CI, as of May 13, is 112.

To keep Florida residents, inmates at the facility and visitors safe and aware about the status of the virus, FDC is issuing regular updates as information becomes available at www.dc.state.fl.us/comm/covid-19.html.

In addition to measures already in place to protect inmates, FDC initiated the following actions:

  • Hamilton CI transitioned to providing all services including medical services and meals to inmates within their dormitories.
  • Institutional response teams have been activated to address emerging needs.
  • FDC is coordinating with the county health department to conduct increased testing within the facility. All inmates housed at Hamilton CI Main Unit have been offered tests.
  • All staff will be offered testing at Hamilton CI.
  • All inmates are being monitored by health services staff and temperature checks are being conducted throughout the day.
  • All staff and inmates were issued and are required to wear cloth face coverings. Staff have the option of wearing an FDC-provided cloth face covering, face/surgical-grade mask or their own approved personal cloth face covering/medical-grade mask.
  • Rigorous cleaning throughout the institution was in place and has been heightened as a result of the test results.
  • More than 64,100 face/surgical masks, 17,800 N-95 (or equivalent) respirators, 2,500 gowns or disposable coveralls, 1,000 pairs of protective eyewear, 7,500 boxes of gloves and a supply of shoe covers and caps are available for staff at Hamilton CI in their institutional and regional inventory. The Department is closely monitoring their usage and ensuring Hamilton CI has a consistent inventory of PPE available.
  • All symptomatic inmates within the facility have been placed in medical isolation.
  • Inmates within the facility have access to appropriate care and treatment.
  • Inmate transfers to and from the facility have been temporarily suspended.
  • All inmate movement within the facility has been restricted.
  • Inmates continue to have access to the canteen through individual orders.
  • Inmates continue to have access to communication with family and loved ones through phone and JPay kiosks.

FDC is closely monitoring developments associated with the spread of this disease. FDC’s Office of Health Services, institutional medical staff and institutional operations staff work hand- in-hand with the Department of Health to quickly engage and resolve infectious disease outbreaks as soon as they occur.

FDC is committed to ensuring inmates receive appropriate medical care that is in line with evolving national standards for correctional institutions. FDC has a constitutional mandate to provide health care for all inmates incarcerated in Florida’s prisons.