FDC Recognizes Volunteer Appreciation Week 2020


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) is proud to recognize National Volunteer Appreciation Week April 19-25. This week presents an opportunity to honor FDC volunteers for their unwavering commitment throughout the year. Volunteers spend approximately 300,000 service hours per year with Florida’s inmate and offender populations.

“At first glance, 300,000 service hours is an incredible figure. However, FDC volunteers devote much more than time alone. The knowledge and skills they share provide lifelong impacts for the inmates and offenders they inspire,” said FDC Secretary Mark Inch. “While we are very focused on our agency’s comprehensive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would be remiss to let Volunteer Appreciation Week pass without recognizing the service provided by our volunteers. Once it is safe to resume our normal operations, I look forward to joining our entire agency in welcoming our volunteers back with open arms.”

Volunteers play an essential role in the criminal justice and corrections environment by supporting the rehabilitation and restoration of inmates and offenders. Under the direction of Secretary Inch, FDC is working to expand the current volunteer base of more than 12,000 registered volunteers. Aside from the tremendous impact provided within a correctional setting, community volunteers and partnerships enable surrounding communities a greater public understanding of FDC and its mission.

Volunteering with FDC helps inmates and offenders with diverse educational, socio-economic, religious traditions and backgrounds. Whether a volunteer leads a recovery group for individuals battling addiction or teaches valuable trade skills, there is always an opportunity to help these returning citizens succeed upon release. Others lead faith-based services and prayer groups, help connect inmates with their children and teach inmates basic educational skills, which provide a strong sense of pride and purpose in those with longer sentences.

We look forward to inviting you in as a new volunteer with open arms as well! Visit fdc.myflorida.com/volunteer to learn more.