FDC Public Announcement: Complimentary Communication Credits


FDC is partnering with JPay/Securus to offer the following complimentary services to support incarcerated individuals and their friends and families through the COVID-19 response:

Through the April 5th FDC visitation suspension, Securus and JPay will offer:
• One free video visitation session per JPay account that is linked to a Florida inmate;
• Two free phone calls up to 15 minutes in length per incarcerated individual each week;
• Four free JPay Stamps for each inmate, each week, credited Friday mornings beginning tomorrow, March 13, 2020; and
• The cost of outbound (from an inmate to a friend/family member) VideoGrams will be reduced by 50%, from four JPay Stamps per VideoGram to two JPay Stamps per VideoGram.

Free calls must be used in the week following the credit. If an inmate uses less than four JPay Stamps in a week, the following week, they will only receive the amount of JPay Stamps necessary to bring them to 4 available free JPay Stamps. JPay Stamps can be used to send emails, photos, and VideoGrams. The last weekly credit will be provided on Friday, April 3, 2020.