FDC Launches Rapid ID Program


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Today, the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) announced the launch of the Rapid ID Program. The program began at Taylor Correctional Institution on December 3 and will eventually expand statewide. The Rapid ID system utilizes a biometric fingerprint capture device that allows staff to conduct a background check while simultaneously obtaining any criminal history information already on file in the state and national databases. This system will help enhance the safety and security of visitation operations for visitors, staff and inmates.

FDC will conduct background checks using the Rapid ID system on all visitors 12 years of age and older upon entering the facility for visitation. These background checks are in addition to the initial check conducted prior to the approval of the original visitation application.

Entry into the institution will be denied if the result of the background check reveals any of the following:

  • The visitor has an active warrant for his/her arrest.
  • The visitor has an active protective order or injunction against the inmate, or the inmate has one against the visitor.
  • The visitor has an open criminal case still pending disposition.
  • The visitor has been arrested after the date of the original approval for visitation.

If visitors are unsure about any of the items mentioned above, or if they need to report an arrest since becoming an approved visitor, they should contact classification staff during normal business hours at the institution where visitation is being requested.