FDC: Hurricane Dorian Post Storm Summary

100% inmate accountability; all inmates returned to institutions


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) took proactive steps to ensure public safety and make sure all individuals entrusted to Department custody were safe and secure as Florida responded to Hurricane Dorian. FDC’s emergency operations center (EOC) operated 24-hours a day and kept in constant contact with the state EOC, and every facility statewide.

“The professionalism and dedication exhibited during this emergency by our entire corrections team were outstanding,” said Secretary Mark Inch. “Our emergency action plan was thoughtful, timely and had needed flexibility to adjust to the storm’s track. I personally witnessed our officers provide dignified care to inmates under difficult circumstances who were evacuated. The State of Florida should be proud of the men and women who worked around the clock during Dorian.”

FDC Emergency Operations Actions:

  • FDC successfully evacuated two major correctional institutions and 21 satellite facilities.
  • All evacuated inmates have now been returned to their original institutions and facilities have resumed normal operations.
  • FDC maintained 100% accountability and custody of the 4,407 inmates evacuated.
  • FDC ensured the continual safe and secure operation of the 50 major correctional institutions statewide and the more than 95,000 inmates in FDC custody.
  • FDC ensured all facilities in the path of the storm had a five to seven-day food supply, adequate fuel levels and operational generators in anticipation of power loss.
  • FDC worked with partners to provide free phone calls and electronic stamps for inmates to maintain contact with family members.
  • All FDC probation offices are now open.
  • FDC maintained continuity of community corrections operations throughout the state, to include the 26 impacted counties where probation officers supervise approximately 95,000 offenders.
  • FDC activated three community corrections call centers to provide instructions to offenders under community supervision in impacted counties.
  • FDC probation officers provided continuous supervision of approximately 2,150 sex offenders on active GPS monitoring in the affected areas.
  • The safety of the public, staff, inmates and offenders was never compromised during the accomplishment of FDC’s emergency operations.