Candidates for Local Madison County Elected Offices (So Far)


According to the Madison County Supervisor of Elections’ website, these are the candidates for local elected offices (who have submitted financial reports), so far:

County Judge

E. Bailey Browning III

County Commissioner District 2

Roy Wayne VickersĀ  (DEM)

County Commissioner District 4

Mike Dowdy (REP)

Shanton Edwards (DEM)

Alfred Martin (DEM)

School Board District 1

Terrence Boatman (NON)

Mary A. Williamson (NON)

School Board District 3

Surretta L. Bell (NON)

VeEtta L. Hagan (NON)

School Board District 5

Bart Alford (NON)

Donnell L. Davis (NON)

John J. Lee (NON)