Atty. Gen. Moody and FTC Announce Distribution of Refunds to Victims of Illegal Robocall Operation


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody and the Federal Trade Commission today announced the distribution of refund checks to victims of an illegal robocall operation. All Us Marketing LLC, f/k/a Payless Solutions, LLC, and affiliated businesses allegedly bombarded consumers with massive robocall campaigns designed to trick consumers into paying up-front fees for a worthless credit card interest rate reduction program. In 2017, the Attorney General’s Office and the FTC obtained a permanent injunction against the operation, prohibiting the defendants from telemarketing, offering debt-relief products or services, and more.

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “With the assistance of Florida law enforcement, our Consumer Protection Division and the FTC shut down this illegal robocall operation that inundated consumers with millions of unwanted calls, tricking them into purchasing fraudulent financial services. I am very pleased that we have recovered funds and are now able to provide refunds to the victims, many of whom are seniors.”

The defendants in this scam charged consumers between $300 and $4,999 for credit card interest rate reduction services that proved worthless or were not consented to by the consumer. The court-ordered consumer refunds will be distributed through the FTC to consumers who lost money as identified by the defendants’ records or by complaints filed with the FTC, Florida Attorney General’s Office, and any agency that submits complaints to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network. Consumers should deposit or cash the refund checks within 60 days.

The defendants include: All Us Marketing LLC, f/k/a Payless Solutions, LLC; Global Marketing Enterprises Inc., f/k/a Pay Less Solutions Inc.; Global One Financial Services LLC; Your #1 Savings LLC; Ovadaa LLC; Royal Holdings Of America LLC; GRR Financial Services LLC; Auto Guardian USA, LLC, Premier Marketing International, LLC; Gary Rodriguez; Marbel Rodriguez; Carmen Williams; Jonathan Paulino; Fairiborz Fard; Shirin Imani; Alex Serna, Christian Serna, and Kimberly Coarse.