Attorney General Moody Secures Millions Against Two Major Automotive Industry Companies, (Fiat and Bosch), for Consumer Protection Violations


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Attorney General Ashley Moody today announced a global resolution involving Fiat and Bosch. Attorney General Moody working with leaders from 51 other jurisdictions along with federal agencies secured nearly $200 million following an investigation into Fiat automobiles. Fiat allegedly sold vehicles containing illegal defeat devices supplied and programmed by engineering and electronics company Bosch. Restitution will be made available through agreements secured with both companies as part of the global resolution. The agreements, subject to court approval, resolve allegations that Fiat cheated on federal emissions tests and made false claims about its allegedly environmentally-friendly vehicles, when the vehicles actually emitted higher than permitted levels of nitrogen oxides. 

Attorney General Ashley Moody said, “Purchasing a new vehicle is a major decision for any family, and consumers must be provided accurate information before making such an expensive purchase. Not only did the alleged deception mislead consumers, it may have also led to higher levels of nitrogen oxides being emitted than is currently allowed under federal law. I am proud of the work of our lawyers who are dedicated to protecting Floridians.” 

The claims against the companies involved Eco-Diesel-branded Jeep SUVs and Ram 1500 trucks. Approximately 4,855 of these vehicles were sold or leased in Florida. The allegations arose because of an earlier Volkswagen defeat device case in which it was determined Bosch similarly supplied Volkswagen with emissions equipment used to circumvent environmental regulation testing. Bosch allegedly facilitated the implementation of these devices in more than 600,000 Volkswagen and Fiat vehicles for more than a decade and concealed the misconduct from regulators and the public.

As part of the global resolution, states will receive $98.7 million from Bosch and $72.5 million from Fiat to resolve deceptive marketing claims and in some instances, environmental violations, with an estimated total of nine million dollars going to Florida. Separately, to resolve a related multidistrict litigation, Bosch is also paying approximately $27.5 million to eligible consumers who purchased or leased the affected Fiat vehicles. Bosch has already paid more than $275 million to consumers who purchased or leased the affected Volkswagen vehicles under earlier settlements.

For Florida consumers who would like more information about the restitution process, click here.

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